Superfit Hinged Rings...  Superfit rings have an American patented hinge and latch mechanism.

We are an authorised stockists and workshop for superfit.

Our finger sizes change with the weather, the time of day, physical activity and the seasons.

The ring that fits wonderfully in the winter may suddenly become too tight in the summer.

We can buy them in direct from Superfit fully gemset, OR

We can use the Superfit technology to create a one off design by Joanne Gowan, or

We can convert your existing rings to the Superfit mechanism.

The Superfit rings come in 18ct white gold, 18ct Yellow gold and Platinum.

Imagine what it would be like to have a ring that opens.

A ring that closes.

A ring that doesn’t have to be pushed over a reluctant knuckle.

A ring that doesn’t twist or turn.

A ring that fits precisely where it should - at the base of your finger

A ring you can wear comfortably when you play tennis or golf. Or have swollen or arthritic knuckles.

That’s what you’ll enjoy with Superfit.

Superfit’s invisible hinged design allows your ring to open and close easily, safely and securely for an elegant

“Superfit” and easy removal.

Click HERE to link to  the Superfit website for more information.

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