Designer Gifts glass, sculpture & clocks by designer makers
stocked at the Gowan Jewellers.
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Andrew Sanders and

David Wallace
Andrew and David have endeavoured to perfect their glassmaking and design skills for over 40 years and this has culminated in a body of work which is both unique and distinctive. They have their glass making studio in in Pateley Bridge Yorkshire. Despite having worked together for such a long time, Andrew and David have managed to maintain their individual creative identities, finding personal inspiration in subjects as diverse as the landscape, architecture, the sea and even bubbles in the bath. We stock a wide range of their free blown glass from paperweights and perfume bottles to bowls, vases and glasses.

Christine Cummings
Christine Cummings has been creating ceramic sculptures for over 10 years now, her unique style and love towards the natural world is captured by her beautifully hand crafted pieces. Using a mixture of crank bodied and stoneware clays she is able to bring her research and sketches to life, the finished pieces complimented by her own unique method of Raku and smoke firing.

Originally Christine's work expressed her interest in the movement and life of pigs, she has since developed her style and research to capture the beauty of many animals in our natural world

Stuart Akroyd

Stuart has been making glass for over 20 years. His adaptation of traditional Venetian techniques expanded the physical possibilities of how the glass could be worked and led to a whole new range of designs.

Stuart has always found inspiration from nature; his use of vibrant colours and rhythmic patterns echo the flora and fauna of the ocean. His most recent design projects are wall mounted sculptures reflecting the appearance of deep sea creatures.

David Meredith
David started as an apprentice model makers working in minute detail for the jewellery trade

Now he runs his own business producing wildlife sculptures in Bronze.  He is a passionate supporter of wildlife charities.

Subjects include hares, ducks, frogs, snails and birds of many types.

Ian Roberts
Ian started to learn the art of pottery restoration in 1974 through a family link involved in the antique trade. This was the basis from which he developed a real interest in the art of pottery itself.

Ian thinks that his ceramics reflect his interest and working life within the antique trade as he feels they have an 'age' to them that the raku process inflicts on contemporary ceramics. The style of his ceramics could also be said to have an architectural feel to them borne out of his general interest in the architecture of the past.

Michael Hunter
Michael studied the art of glass making at Wedgwood Glass and has over 30 years of
British glass making experience. Since 1998 Michael has chosen to use Venetian glass making techniques, as his vehicle of expression in both traditional and contemporary designs. Michael's inspiration comes from the constant need to challenge himself. His work displays an invigorating and complex of bold colours, combined with his own style of cane work techniques.
  These styles combined with a disciplined approach, result in his designs having both a
unique appearance and distinctive hand finished feel.


All the Designs shown here are protected by Copyright and are the intellectual property
of the named designers. No design may be reproduced or made up without the express
permission of the designer maker.
Any breach of Copyright will be vigorously pursued through legal channels.