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Gowan Jewellers ‘Save to Buy’ 

Whether you are a regular jewellery collector or would like to buy one special gift occasionally this may be the best way to maximise your spending power

For over 30 years I have been offering clients a better way to save for those special items. 

With a regular monthly amount I will add an additional 10% value to your account.   Therefore a monthly amount of £ 100. becomes £ 110. to spend with Joanne Gowan anytime for anything!

 This is easy to set up, simply :

1.       Set up a monthly standing order using your Online Banking system – any amount from a minimum of £ 100. per month. My Bank details are : Joanne Gowan, sort code 30-93-89, account 32284268

2.       Email to advise me of your payment plan and confirm your full postal address and contact details.

3.      I will make out monthly receipts for your payments, sent to you by post or email on request,  adding 10% to every payment you make into your Save to Buy account.  I  will keep a master copy of activity on your account and you can request  a copy of this at anytime.

4.       Spend your credit with Joanne Gowan at anytime to suit you. It is valid for stock, orders, commissions,  and even special offers or sale items. Valid at craft shows events or direct from the workshop.

5.       Please note that your credit is not refundable but does not expire at anytime. So you can choose to save to buy something substantial over several years if you wish.

6.     Your monthly amount can be changed to a different amount at anytime but please email me your intention, any monthly figure over £100.00 will be acceptable.

7.     The Save to Buy payments must run for a minimum of 6 monthly consecutive payments. If you cancel your arrangement before this has been completed you will forfeit the 10% bonus.

8.    You may skip payments for a period or cancel the arrangement at any time if you wish but please email your intention.

9.    Your credit will be retained by Joanne Gowan until it is fully used even if you have cancelled your Save to Buy scheme.


Gold & Platinum  – cash in your broken jewellery !
I am  offering a special service whereby I can take your old gold or platinum jewellery, get the best possible scrap price available direct from our bullion dealers and then put the whole of that value against the cost of any new piece of jewellery from stock or made individually for you to order. I do not make any charge for this service and provide you a copy of the scrap metal document for full clarity.  Gold and platinum prices are very high at present and many customers have been amazed at how much they can get for a pile of ‘rubbish’.    Recently for a handful of broken chains and rings customers have received a credit of anything from £ 300. to £ 1,500. to spend on wonderful new pieces.  Send the pieces to Joanne by Special Delivery for an estimate of the value.

Gemstones can be removed from old pieces and remade into spectacular contemporary jewels, thereby retaining some of the sentimental attachment of any inherited pieces.  

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