Designer Jewellery .....pieces by the other jewellers stocked at the shop.
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Catherine Hills
Catherine creates one-off pieces and manufactures a batch range of jewellery in silver and 18ct. gold. Inspired by natural forms, the work combines sensuous liquid shapes with smooth crisp, highly finished surfaces. It is organic, whilst incorporating a high tech, science fiction feeling, where movement often plays its part. Oxidised silver is used in juxtaposition with yellow gold and coloured glass, or stone, to produce a striking colour contrast. The dark recesses, inside the hollow forms, create their own mysterious miniature world

Michael Carpenter
Michael's current range of handmade jewellery reflects his love of silver and 18ct gold. Each piece has a simple, classic elegance that gives his jewellery its enduring appeal.

He draws his inspiration from African, Celtic and Architectural motifs. He uses contrasts of metal, with Silver and 18ct, and finishes with the use of polished and oxidised (blackened) surfaces.

Leslie Strickland

Lesley is a British jeweller specialising in the use of cellulose acetate (derived from cotton oil) combined with sterling silver.  This material can be manipulated into more fluid forms than other plastics. Lesley's passion for designing and making jewellery started in 1976 at The City Literary Institute, London, England. Since then she has continued to evolve and develop her personal style. Her inspiration comes from natural forms and sculptors of the 1950's. The final finish of each piece is important to her as she likes the wearer to have a very tactile relationship with her work.


Naomi James
Naomi's designs are often inspired by her travels abroad to the Far East where she sources unusual coloured beads & gemstones for her jewellery designs.
She uses embossing techniques to create delicate patterns and motifs on silver. The surface patterns are created by rolling with a stainless steel template and hollow forms are pressed out using a perspex tool. Much of her work includes detailing in gold and coloured semi-precious stones.

Caroline Finlay
works in Scotland producing silver jewellery with a distinctive use of coloured enamels. Some pieces are oxidised with a range in stock including pendants, rings, earrings and brooches. She uses a variety of techniques including embossing, piercing and punching to create her designs. Caroline is interested in the tides, the seasons and nature, the influence of which can be seen in her pieces

Penny Warren
Penny's jewellery is made using coloured aluminium and silver with movement and vibrancy intrinsic parts of the designs. There is a wide palette of colours available with a number of different ranges all of which can be ordered in any of the colours or in combinations.  She alies the dyes freehand to the aluminium surface which creates a lovely wash effect and intricate patterns can be used.

Charlotte Lowe
Silver jewellery with photo etching and 22ct gold inlay and oxidisation. The pieces are inspired by those moments spent with family and friends, exotic travel and loved ones.  She works using her own collection of photographs. Individual commissions using your own photos can be arranged on request

Sally Andrews
Sally's jewellery has been influenced by her love of Yoga, which she has been practising for the last 12 years. Many of her pieces use the art of yoga including the Lotus and Ganesh symbols. Her work incorporates several finishes, consisting of silver, gold plating and oxidisation. Sally also uses a combination of beads and semi precious stones to incorporate colour.