Gowan Jewellers – through the centuries

1841 - Thomas Pratt aged 60 was a Watchmaker living & working in the premises on what was then known as Cock Street .
By 1851  William Pratt, aged 49  with his son George Pratt aged 24 took over the premises.

William was a journeyman watchmaker and by 1861 the premises, then number 29 Cock Street, is listed as  Watchmaker's Shop.

February 1988  - Joanne opens

The Gowan Gallery.

1990’s  - art, contemporary crafts and jewellery

Into the 21st Century - contemporary & classic quality

2011  - a new look and a new name      

Gowan Jewellers

Approx 1905 - Ashwell & Chambers Jewellers. 
This became 'Ashwells' and then 'Lincolns'.

Joanne stands in front of the small workshop area within the shop.

The workshop moves into an adjoining premises at the back

The interior is opened up, new showcases, wooden flooring and when the fireplace beam is exposed it reveals the date 1707

    A design consultation area is incorporated.

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